Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sometimes I feel like my life is more about the people in it.

You are my leetle stud muffin, with a single dimple and twinkly scrinkly eyes to boot. *scientist, i wish i could tell you i'm tired of mindgames*
You are my cherry pie sweet, my scrumptious heartbreak, with witty, sarcastic retorts thrown in.
You are my separated-at-birth sister, Invictus- with untamed tresses and love for all things rabid.
You, you are my yellow light, my would-be knight- with mad love for stones and fixes.
You are my soul-twin, the Other square peg among the Cappis, with the genuine happy-wise-Youness you possess with quiet confidence.
you are inconsequential now, thankgod.
You are my conscience, the one I never quite grow out of, the pseudo mother, the only Real Christian I know.
You were my angel, the Earnest, the uncomplicated, my darling infuriating Book-thief.
You are the one I Did outgrow, sappy phone conversations bore; sweet, you stabbed me with a smile (and oh help you God, you didn't even know). I don't know how to tell you so.
You are the strange, the wonderfully weird, all these terms you impose on yourself; the awkwardly kind, standing forever on the fringes, plunging straight in all the while- I hope you break through.
You are unconditional exasperating concerned judgemental anxious strong love- with moddhobitto Rabindranath-jora, individual values.
you're inconsequential too! well, nearly there except sudden twinges for what seemed to/could have been. sudden patches of bonding. there can't be a back to before again, but maybe anew ain't a bad thing.
you're the one i thought was SObloodyCOOL. Then I grew up- 'killer' biceps tho bro, and the pay package don't hurt either, amidst the hookah smoke.
You two are old fusspots in your own ways- love, worry, love *kichu khao, na khele bhalo lagey na!*
You're gorgeous and you look exactly how I always dreamed of looking, with in your face confidence to boot. Your self assurance and ability to be vulnerable to adorable stoner-puppy are your most attractive features.
You're the classic friend, to whom I spill way too much for no good reason- with Chandleresque tendencies to boot (if he came 6 ft tall with a ribbon on him).
You're candyfloss- if it came tinged with blue. So sweet, and So upset by Tiny things- I'd like to shake you and tell you to grow up, but then you wouldn't be You anymore.
You are my Simple, moddhobitto, Bhalo, normal (with an assured steady future) sister-from-below. I'd hate you if I didn't love you, you know.
You are the crazy one, the crazy-smart and the crazy-pretty one, and you're leaving your insecurities behind. You're growing up, love, and you'll Never grow up, thank God. We'll always be 14 in some ways.
You are the living proof that boys and girls- well men and women now- can Totally be best friends. The Only one back then who got what 'asphyxiating' meant and Why that was a big deal. My hairier, skinnier Mallu Twin, we've probably spent more time together online than anything.

Yes, I'm having writers block right now. But this is MY blog and I shall be John Mayer inspired "Who Cares" typer.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We're just two lost souls swimming                 in          
          fish bowl,
                  year after year

Because the things you say and the things you do surround me                  
While you were hanging yourself on someone else's words
Dying to believe in what you heard
I was staring straight into the shining sun

I love balconies. Let you almost grasp. Linger lost on the edge of epiphany.

I've found a tiny bit of happiness. It's kind of surreal when things actually happen the way they were supposed to. Not very rational, but something Did give. : )

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Wife, the Spice and I.

Warning: This will probably be incomprehensible or unfunny, or both to the majority of you. If it's not, I love you on principle. =)

-Phew, closing in on Yet another top in shades of black, white and grey.
Rgd: NOT another one!
Phew: *holding up grey top* But it's BOTTLE Greeeen!
Onoo, Rishav and I stare at her incredulously
Rgd: Adding a 'bottle' to it Doesn't make it green!

-TR (referring to Phew's preference for grayscale): Yeah, watching Phew during the first 2 weeks of college was kind of like watching a black and white film.

-Midnight conversation
Rgd: Yeaaa...*thoughtfully* No. Yeaaaa!
*Pause* Well, you know what I mean!
Phew and TR: *general agreement*

-Walking through VP, running home, half an hour late for curfew.*
Rgd (bursting into random song): Slimy maggotty littell creatures!
Phew (looks at the squelchy mud we're walking through): Slimy MAGGOTTY LITTELLL creatures!

-Referring to ex bitch's relationship dilemma on the phone
TR (very seriously): Do you think she will?
Rgd (also very seriously): I think so. *Pauses thoughtfully* Unless she doesn't.
*Profound silence*

-TR (referring to Noorton AV): Yeah, I don't think I like him. He leaves everytime I come.

-Phew (very calmly, and reasonably, referring to illogical fixation on P Dissy): Dude, but really, Why do you even Want him to ask you out? You guys have like nothing in common, and there's no point to it really, na?
*Pause for 10 seconds*
Rgd- But he's so Pweeedie!

- Talking about random guy
TR *very matter of factly*: Well I don't really know What to think of him. For a large part of last year I thought he raped his girlfriend.

-Discussing Rgd's strange depressive tendencies
TR : It's incredibly exciting to be best friends with someone so morbid. I never know if you're going to be around the next day.

-Rgd- Man, I feel like a puppy or something! Waiting for scraps of affection
Phew *passionately* Well, now you know how DOGS FEEL!

-Walking through the stables at Tolly
Phew *very gleefully*-Automatic is shitting!
Rgd- What? That happens??

- TR, Adibidi and Rgd watching an episode of Dr. Who. Dr. Who and current flavor of the next few episodes running franctically, being chased down the hall by Rhino-looking-intergalactic law enforcers.
Rgd- Awwww, look, They're holding hands!
TR and Adibidi stare at Rgd with inscrutable expressions cuz Obviously that was the point of the scene.