Sunday, September 19, 2010

anuj & i - summer 2010

and as the night moves on
colors blur
and our brains come oozing out
of nooks 
and crannies-
with iridescent hues
skeletons of souls poking out

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lessons for the Day

#1 Check how hot the water is BEFORE turning on the water heater and turning the tap.

#2 NEVER give your sleazy relatives you have a gut allergic repulsion to, your best friend's number.

#3 Don't leave your French book in a different continent. You might just land up with a French foreign exchange student for a house-mate who barely speaks or understands English.

#4 Don't sign a 1 year lease for the smallest room in the house without registering actually How small they mean when they say small. It May just turn out to be pantry sized.

#5 A full glass of Red Wine is a bad idea when you're suffering from Jetlag and moving in the next day- with your mum for company.

#6 Going Bohemian appearance-wise can justify almost any normal fashion must-not.

#7 Self- restraint, especially when it comes to a smart mouth is a good policy and may just reward you with carrot cake with cheesecake topping.

#8 Sometimes really really obese women are really Really REALLY good cooks.

#9 Jetlag sucks and coffee- immunity doesn't help.

#10 Abba and John Dever induce nostalgia. Even if you aren't a major fan.