Monday, February 28, 2011

There's always something happening

Things have been kinda mellow lately. I've been learning to cook and enjoying it. Yesterday amid conversations with Piu, wailing over superhuman Rhodes scholars and my utter lack of anything that qualifies as an official 'outdoor activity', I decided to try my hand at making deemer daalna (egg curry). It turned out to be quite edible, a beautiful reddish-yellow colour and (Gasp!) tasty at that. Inspired by my success I went on to make Achaari Chicken without oh, say 3 or 4 of the main ingredients. It wasn't as khatta as it should have been, but it was pretty damn fine- my mommy said so! Feeling very self satisfied I deposited myself in front of the computer and busied myself with checking out previous Rhodes scholar biographies and fb-chatting with Tony. A few minutes later my smug smile had slunk off with its tail between its legs and I was making hysterical declarations like "What. The...HOW can she possibly be a neurosurgeon and still have the time to open clinics in the Himalayas and go canoeing?! How does ANYBODY have the MONEY to open a clinic?!" Tony as usual was saying soothing things like " i dunno O.O" while probably watching Bleach. After frantically searching for a bit I discovered with great relief that my university has various Sports Clubs, some of which happen to be free! Apparently ballroom dancing is a sport, as is outers and parkour. I got excited about Judo and my enthusiasm was cruelly squelched, yes squelched, by Tony. He was like, "Can't you choose something that doesn't brand you as a lesbian?" After giggling incredulously for a bit I made the only logical response to this statement- "Huh? How?" According to him all that grappling in various positions is slightly suspect. Sooo Judo's off the list.  I'm contemplating taking up running again, and perhaps ballroom dancing- if I can pluck up the courage to inflict myself and my two left feet upon my unsuspecting partner. Yeah, that's right. I'll be a very zen athletic, cooking, cancer-centre volunteering molecular biologist.

Moral(s) of the story: Smugness is never profitable. Free will is an Enormous deal. George Orwell is a badass. There is nothing quite like listening to Devendra Banhart go spanish on your ass while Natalie Portman dances with a hairy bellied man in a Sita costume. Err Portman that is, not the man.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some things just make you feel warm and squishy inside. Like this 
And this

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day

So most years for some vague conspiracy-theory reason, I'm always single on Valentine's Day. With the exception of a certain year when I was fourteen and on D-Day I picked up the phone and whispered my own version of sweet nothings to my beloved Sucky Jocky Boy.
SJB: since yesterday I can't stop thinking about you
RGD: Oh. Um, well my mum found out about us soooo we have to break up now. Happy Valentine's daaay!
Ever since then it's been a slippery slope. Divine retribution? Oh well.
Last year I actually watched Valentine's Day on Valentine's day. Three hours later I was weeping to Piu about how pathetic my life was and how I'd always be alone, and maybe somewhere along the way get a dozen cats. Well, I have one now so the wheels have been set in motion.
Later in the day I was at a Toronto club being groped inappropriately by random mostly drunk men, who kept going up to SJB (who was valiantly trying to protect the izzat of Future Manipulative Girlfriend and I. Aww, in hindsight, poor SJB. Awkward.) Anyway so there he was balancing two girls on each arm and there they were, the men circling like sharks and occasionally surfacing to mutter things like "How's it fair ya got two?! Gimme a call when yuh done wid em!" So charming.
2009, I was "striking arrows through the heart of Would-be-knight" (this is verbatim) by confessing my inability to get over SJB despite his being a sucky jock boy doing typically sucky jock things and giving me mixed signals- sample the "Call me when you're sober episode".
2007and 2008, I was deliriously happy with SJB. A month later I was flying away-as they say- forever to India.
And before all this I was a bhalo bachha with secret cat-lady-fears and my parents were scolding me for rebelling by pulling stunts like not studying. Hahaha parents, haha.

So predictably, this year I'm single again. I had actually forgotten about it till Tony felt the need to remind of the upcoming pink day. Today I'm going out for sushi with a friend and on the actual day I have work to keep me busy. BUT it did make me want to do this for no good reason except that I felt like it:

Hash and Anju
the wife, the spice and I

the only place where tess and lennon meet
baby love
grade 11and friends who made the world go round
teachers who were more
i feel the love, oh yes
summer afternoons
trisha's surprise birthday lunch- piu's cooking
an entire day spent doing nothing and quite spectacularly may i add
dubai dreams
when we were young

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Reading- Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk. It is quite strange and grotesque. Not sure whether I should finish it or not.
Watched- Nought, the short film. Full of weird foreboding and strange feelings. Had nightmares about Pansy molester guy and sharks and people being upset at me.
Watching- House after I discovered a box set just lying around, surprises abound in my new abode =)
Ate- Mangsho-bhaath (mutton curry and rice), daal, baingan bharta and chicken
Listening to- Salvation by Scanners, Three Wishes by the Pierces and Believe by The Bravery
Discovered- that cute Arts boy reads and quickly stole Faust and Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep from him
Writing- Application forms *sigh*
I love this header picture,by the way. It is one of my favourites that I have clicked. It belongs to that sweet summer period at the beginning of Jude. Summer '09 :)