Bucket List

in no particular order:

  1. Run a marathon
  2. Go back to Cyprus with wo/man in life
  3. Go backpacking through India
  4. Run my own cafe
  5. Get a scholarship
  6. Get a big scholarship
  7. Visit Greece
  8. Learn to play the guitar
  9. Learn some form of self defense
  10. Live in New York
  11. Live in Delhi
  12. Live in Bombay
  13. Waitress
  14. Fulfill my and Piu's fantasy of setting up our residential school
  15. See Dylan live in concert
  16. See Mark Knopfler live in concert
  17. See Cohen live in concert
  18. Write a book, have it published
  19. Jump on a train with a friend(s)
  20. Achieve some sort of mental balance 
  21. Crash a wedding
  22. Get a tatoo
  23. Meet favourite author: Neil Gaiman

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