Saturday, September 19, 2009

Daydreams and Kisses

 "Kiss me beneath the milky twilight
Lead me out on the moonlit floor
 Lift up your open hand
 Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance
 Silver moon's sparkling,
 So kiss me"

                          - Kiss Me: Sixpence None the Richer

I've recently discovered this song that's apparently been around for ages. It's called "Kiss Me" and it's by a band quirkily titled Sixpence None the Richer. This song has apparently been doing the rounds since the nineties when it shot to fame after being featured on an episode of Dawson's Creek. For the less informed, this was the episode where Dawson and Joey had their first kiss. (Cue to say "Aww" or put your hand to your heart with a beatific smile, remembering your teenage days- or if you're not a teenager dream utterly unrealistic dreams of what teenage is like). So, as I was saying Dawson and Joey had their first kiss and teenyboppers all over the world fell in love- some with that cute guy who sat in front of them and occasionally asked for a pencil in Math class, some with Dawson and some with Tom Cruise( till flash forward a few years later when he would begin eating said Joey aka Katie Holmes, his wife's placenta and  jumping on couches to declare his undying love).

I fell in love with this song a few days ago after a tumultous shift to the land of- snow, co-ed dorms, maple trees, where "sick" = "cool", guys who think you want their random freaking bodies grinding against you without prior permission, girls who think that this is normal, vegetarianism and obsession with healthy eating, curly fries, meat and more junk food than you've seen in your life, mobile companies who charge you for more operations than you knew your cell phone could perform (incoming, outgoing, messaging, caller id- i kid you not, they charge you for seeing the freaking number of the person who's calling you- in retrospect this is probably why movies like 'When a Stranger Calls' are such big hits), stereotypes, courtsey, an unseemly obsession with privacy- where a parent is not allowed to know the password or access details of their kid's bank account, even if said kid is sitting with them in the manager's office, helpful strangers, complete ignorance of other countries- "So , if you like, are Indian, how come, you like, speak English?" -and the sad part is, this is actually a completely innoccent question. The land of convenience and convenience stores which go on for miles showing you endless variety when all the while all you want is a freaking granola bar- "Would you like trail mix, blueberry, cranberry, mixed berry, fruit and nut, honey and nut, low fat, high protein...".  Where everyone including the guy from the phone company greets you with a bright smile and a "How you doing?" -not Joey Tribbiani style and says goodbye with " Have a great day" and then promptly forgets your very existence. Where you don't know your neighbour and this is exactly the way they would like to keep it, where people, especially female people have the capactiy to roam around in flimsy shorts that end before they begin in freezing weather yet wear sweaters and layers of sweatshirts on top. The land of opportunity, the passport to a successful career and recognition. The land where I'm going to live for five years.

But, I digress. More accurately i got caught up in my chief preoccupation these days- wondering about the place I've landed up in voluntarily and the results that my five year stay is going to bring about. Anyway, coming back to the song. I love it. It has this beautiful, perfect magical feel to it- like how you would like your story to go, how things would happen if the guy actually knew what to do and what to say. If somehow magically everything turned pretty and lyrical and you got that perfect kiss- and then some,from the perfect guy, at the perfect place, at the perfect time. And somehow magically, you didn't have to rush home to catch that plane that takes you far away the next day. Or in Dawson's case, the girl falling for your best friend. Anyhoo- that's life. Un-perfect. Unpredictable. For now, I shall trust that perhaps there is some method to the madness. I shall find the lyricism in the chaos and paint daydreams with accompanying 'perfect' background music playing in my head as I trudge up the road to my morning classes in the crisp cold fall. And I'll be happy. 


Trisha said...

somehow, thinking about how much i miss you and everything else, i forgot why you went to canada in the first place. because it was your dream, wasn't it? and you could've done anything you wanted, Ms I-Rule-Planet-Options, but the truth is that you didn't need to spend three years here studying english when you can already write like this. i'm torn between missing you, laughing at the one-liners, and gaping at how brilliantly creative you actually are. perspective shift, you see, and you're going through it too, i can will be happy, though, because...well, because the Universe loves you. and so do i, baby <3 *waiting for may*

Shahana said...
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Shahana said...

you really thought this was whiny..?
this just reminds me of the conversation we had ages ago, the first time I'd gone to Joo..
about why you wanted to go to Canada..
it might suck now, but some day you're gonna save the world..!!
And when you get the Nobel Prize, we'll all be looking up at you proudly, and I get to tell everyone..
"look, that's a part of me up there.."

<3 you so much honey..
*happy la la dance*

Amrita said...

i actually miss u ol d more after readin this n i just wish i actually got the opportunity to know u better...y did u go 2 canada in d first place??n u said u need to find the lyrics in all these chaos n wait for that perfect magical moment..i'm sure u'll get that perfect magical moment v soon..just hope for the best..n i just love ur post..n i just can't hold back my admiration for u..this post was brilliantly crafted and actually brings out ol d emotions that i guess you r goin through right now..god bless u dear!!...u take care of urself..n u are truly talented!!

Srikant said...

whoaa...well that was quite an elaborate description of life there...veryy well written...and im sure as time will love every bit of canada...keep up the gr8 work..!! and dont stop writing...something which defines continue in all possible ways..!! cheers!! :)

Mer-curial-maiden said...

Incidentally, I fell in love with this song because it kept waking us up at our Bangkok Hotel at precisely 2 AM for the three nights we stayed there. Without fail, loud enough to get people jumping out of their rooms in various states of undress, and it was the Cranberries version: Wasn't left with too many options, was I? :\

Riddhi G.D said...

@debolina- Hehe, sounds like as good a way as any other to wake up :) Better than annoying alarms