Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Are the only reason that I need
The only reason why I breathe
For why I'm going on this way
Always hoping for a brighter day.
You’re the reason that I wish
That every wish of yours’ comes true
Are the reason
That I want to be with
I’m grateful
And I’m hoping
That soon the day will come
When I will see your face again,
And in the darkness of the day
Where comfort needs no cover of night,
In the velvet richness beneath leaves
We shall meet
And I shall spend some time
In the company of mist and dew
Blood and hurt shall fade away,
As shall tales of misery
When darling, I shall see your face
And light up with the sheer bliss
Of being close to
With every smile
And every look,
You win my heart over and over again
But darling, what is there to win,
When all of me
Belongs, you see
Words would be superfluous,
There is no need for show
My darling, wherever you may be
Is the only place I want to go.
Thoughts and dreams are very well
But I’ve been craving reality.
A place where we both can be
And no one else but me and


Trisha said...

titled 'woman wailing for her demon lover' or 'dracula's love'. sinister passion! interesting, rgd....very interesting :P

Riddhi Ghosh Dastidar said...

obsessive love. losing yourself.
and na, t, parlam na! i'd only say these things voluntarily if i were given ten times the dose i'd had that day and electrocuted.

Rohini said...

well written..
its nice! :)

Riddhi G.D said...

Rohini- Thankyou :)Just something in a random spurt of melancholy/ boredom