Saturday, January 9, 2010

Those who Know

Okay. I think most people would agree that I’m generally a pretty calm person. Not very likely to fly off the handle and into a temper. Not the type to take offence at the slightest thing. BUT. You know what Really ticks me off?
People who think they Know. Oh yes, they know. Because, you see, they just Know.
How do they know? Psychic powers? Intuition? Human insight? Stalking? All of the above? I wouldn’t know. Cuz I don’t claim to know. But these people, oh boy, do they know.
Let me explain. This is the type of person who will spend an hour trying to convince you that you will Never get over that “stud boy” you dated in high school. Never mind the fact that they don’t really know you, they will answer your frustrated, infuriated,  “ Well how the hell would You know?!” with a “ Because, I know you”.  Yes, they know you.  And no matter what you say, or what you think, they are supremely confident that they do.
Never mind the fact that You don’t really know them, nor do you really wish to. Ignore the fact that the only heart to heart’s you’ve ever had involve you feebly and wearily protesting,  “ But I don’t feel that way anymore”. Never mind the fact that they aren’t in your list of 25 people to invite to your birthday, let alone your closest circle. Regardless of all this, they just know.
They insist on coloring your life with their ego problems and their skewed romance. They were egoistic, hence you must be too. Obviously you can’t just be over that guy. Pssht *this with a gentle undertone of indulgent amusement* You’re just lying to yourself. You’re being stubborn. You’re immersing yourself in meaningless B.S that isn’t real. But for you to actually be over that guy you dated 4 years ago? Oh, God No! Inconceivable!
They try to guide you. They give you profound pieces of insight like, “Life is too short to waste”. Never mind that you don’t think you’re wasting your life.
And then of course, there’s their ultimate comeback to anything you might say.
“Just look at you!”
To these kind of people, ladies and gentlemen, there is only one remedy. One and only one means of escape, security and mental stability: RUN!


soin said...

what will you do if your boss or your prof is a know it all.or worse room mate?but generally if you question a know it all they run

Riddhi G.D said...

im assuming they wont dig into my love life. with the possible exception of the roomie. however i have a single room now so that doesn't bother me. :)
and yes. that's my point. don't question a know it all, it's pointless. YOU run off!

soham bakshi said...

an expression from the mind(a bit irritated, pissed off to be precise(i think)) of a lady, to a certain genre of people. but never mind, being an Indian, you have full right to express yourself. So cheers to that.
Cool off.

Anushka said...

Gtalk deescussen hote hobe :)

Roshni said...

I second Mishtu.MSN,Facebook,anything.We must go on a dissing-spree :D

Riddhi G.D said...

@mishtu- tumi esho. i've been waiting for you to come :P
@upi- we deescussed. we deesed! :D
@soham- thanks hun