Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Love is a four letter word too. Bomb never should have been. RIP.

Violence is NOT the answer. and it never will be. I guess when we hear about these Bomb blasts, we feel shocked for a while. But it doesn't really strike us. I guess it doesn't really strike the bombers, or perhaps it Does strike them and some incredible way, they just don't care, that these are real People out there. Actual living breathing people with lives of their own that are going to be scattered. That are going to affect a thousand other lives entwined with theirs.
I guess it does shock one for a while, and you know how bad it is. Or that, you know, justice and peace has been violated again. That this is a sad occassion. But stuck within our cocoon of all the things we build our world with, our tiny little crises and thoughts, and wants and desires, we forget about........the bigger picture? What Real problems may be like. How fleeting, and impartial and even ruthless life can be. And is.
This isn't a post really about how much we should value life or how important it is. Or then again, maybe it's a post reminding me of exactly that. But it's about more than that. This isn't one of those customary 'post bomb blast-passionate writing' thingies. It's just something that i Had to write. It's about much more than that. It's about how Unfair and how Incomprehensible and just how little sense it makes that people as brilliant and by all accounts as wonderful as Ankik and Anindyee and their friends had to be killed. It's about how difficult it is then to believe that good things happen to good people and stuff like everything happens for a reason. It's about how there is absolutely NO justification for these deaths.
I was just going through Anindyee's Facebook page- the tons of people writing on her wall, the group she had last joined and the normal Social interview questions. And it's so ....funny? ironical? heartbreaking? I don't really know what to say- it just Is. to see this stuff when she's dead. Her brother Ankik with a brilliant future ahead of him with a JP Morgan job and a gorgeous fiancee, a promotion and a new posh flat all lined up for him, now instead has bereaved bewildered friends and parents and an obituary and a webpage dedicated to him. Reading about this has really shaken me very badly, and why it should have this huge an effect on me, is probably 'cuz I can relate? It could have been anyone. It could have been any of us. They were young, and full of life and smart- all the things we belive ourselves to be. They were students. It could have been any of us and where the thought of ourselves dying seems incomprehensible except as twisted idle "Who will cry when you die" type fantasies, the fact of them dying contradicts that. It's an anomaly. Which Shouldn't have happened!
 I believe 2 rickshaw wallahs also died in the bomb blast. But I'm not writing about them here 'cuz they're easier to dissociate ourselves from. But when it happens to people as close to ourselves as Anandi and Ankik, it becomes a terrifying reality.
I'm not really sure how writing this helps. I Definitely know that violence is not the answer. All the stirring up, all the protests and all the citizens being proactive type stuff that occurred after the Mumbai blasts- I'm pretty sure they meant well and they were trying to Do something. I just wish something could be done. I wish I knew what we could do. And that this could stop.
If this post is a little incomprehensible, it's 'cuz I'm a Lot shaken at the moment. And I'm unable to comprehend why these things have to happen.
In the meantime,
Love, not Hatred.
Life, not Death.
Peace, not Terror.
Light, not Darkness.


Ravindra Merthi said...

actually this human life iz...this whole universe iz...Not ur Post

btw m puzzled tht why u(Srry i pointng u) not post abt 24 Jawans(aka soldiers) killd by Maoist in West Bengal

one of the rarest attack by Maoists in diff regions....Both Maoists n Jawans r our people....why???

coz they r nt crème de la crème or they hav nt a Facebook account!!!!

PS: now bomb-blasts r usual in Indian contxt. Only victims r those whose beloved killed coz they suffered their whole life with an unbearable pain.

PPS: Sorry 4 ma wordz

Shahana said...

This is for the guy above.
Dude, its her blog and she can write about whatever she wants.

Shahana said...

btw, rgd, i love your post.

Amrita said...

this really touched me bcus i xactly was goin thru dese emotions myself riddhi..i was v badly shaken by this blast n olso d fact my frends at KGP actually knew ankik..he was their senior n they were devastated after they heard..i cud sense how much they were actually shaken by was olmost don't care-live life to the fullest..gregarious,group of friends actually grew up over-night...
this is just TERRIBLE

Trisha said...

ravindra has a valid point, but i still think riddhi is right. this does strike closer to us. and i hope it makes us more aware. that's the biggest threat, right? tomorrow it could be your family. or you. it's a visceral thing, and passionately written. good for you, riddhi!

Riddhi G.D said...

@Ravindra- you have a point and it's valid. ONly about the Maoists, not exactly in my context. You see I live in Canada, and I rarely get to know about Indian news. So I heard about the Pune blasts and like I said in the post, this strikes closer home, cuz we can actually identify.
@Shy- Thankyou babe. For both <3
@Amrita- I know , i know what you're saying. Really no words can express the extent of the damage this causes, right?
@Trisha- I honestly don't even see how awareness is helping anymore. Like honestly, I Really don't see how terrorism can be stopped, even with civilian efforts.And thankyou. It was just something I Had to write

Ravindra Merthi said...

i wz jst exploded here...n wan 2 kno hw othrs criticzd me!!!

@Shahana: Thanked 2 thz dum di dum grl

Shahana said...


Ravindra Merthi said...

@Shahana: if thz iz to need of tht...thnkd to remind me abt the info.
ma regards for U

Shahana said...

thank you SO much.
you're too kind.