Friday, April 2, 2010

I am HAPPY! KT Tunstall type-er happy! It is SPRING! 22 blessed degrees Celcius, baby! Bring out the shorts and the spaghettis and the wind flowing through your hair and the sun warming it up if things get too chilly. Add to this seagulls circling the SLC beating out the dreadful honking geese for once, sounding at times like a child gurgling and sometimes like a cat mewing. Add to this the fact that I danced for an hour straight yesterday after I got home from my last and absolute final Computational Chemistry lab, and that too with a solid respectable 93%. So it seems computers and I aren't totally at odds. Point was that the dancing has caused my legs and arms to ache blissfully, yes Blissfully since yesterday night after I went for a walk with a couple of - well, er, friend and ex and potential "good friend" of ex, but let's not get into that and complicate things. Did absolutely nothing after that but then went to sleep for 8 whole hours, well nearly. Which is a Big deal for me, much improvement from the normal 4 and a half. Freshly squeezed orange juss with pulp in the morning from the caf, awaiting Easter/ Good Friday lunch at the moment. Revelling in Van Morisson's brown eyed girl (Why yes, I Do have brown eyes! *beeeeeg wide eyed beam*). Exams in a week and I haven't studied- oh well, that's not a very joyous thought. But y'know of Course, I shall study crazily from today- as Ma puts it- " paagoler moto por, dule dule por".  Yuss I shall study Chemistry and complex ion equilibria but before that I shall stop skipping on my seat and turn off Fleetwood Mac's Go your own way (What A song). Add to general happiness the fact that I am a mere 3 weeks away from the City of Joy. From 8 months down to 3 weeks, and as you can see from the splotchy disjointed gleeful writing. In the words of James Taylor, "Shalalalalalalalala, ladida. Ladida!"
P.S- Am I correct in thinking that Brown eyed girl is the tune that plays in the background of SuperMario?


Soham Bakshi said...
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Soham Bakshi said...

i wish our thermometer could point somewhere near yours. damn.
but am not being jealous. you will experience this heat in just a days.
however, bari ashar anondo will be dominant over this frying heat!