Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So far, so good?

Lost phone. Again. 2nd phone in 2 months and this was all antique-y. I'm starting to sound like one of them spoilt rich kids, I don't like it.
Met people who would intimidate me for no good reason. Funny how people who you thought seemed 'ohsocool' cuz of the zillion pictures back then puzzle you now as to where their appeal lies.
Family friends. Pictures. Prank Calls. Foooooood.
One nice evening in Jude. No 29, thank God. Music, general retardedness (have you ever noticed how weird ears are? They kinda look like misplaced trumpets), joint passed around (watched didn't take. Yet.), Sujith Da's cha. Roti, chilli chicken.
Called someone Turnip-head. Because you know the top of their head is flat and they just have That vibe.
Listened to friggin SEXAY song that I think you should go listen to Right now. Undisclosed desires by Muse. The beat is Something. Like a loop the loop playing over and over in my head, giving rhythm to my hips, making me bop my head in the street, much to the amusement of the chyangras on the road. Oh, and while you're at it. check out the lyrics. Unexpectedly sweet for such a slick-ish song.
Had Kulfi-Faluda for the nth time with Boy who looks like evil, but didn't display too many such tendencies this time. Perhaps it had something to do with the presence of Loopy Upi.
Resolved to stop swearing worse than a chotolok man. Haven't succeeded with that so far.
Guillotined the sweetest cutest little Swiss Albino rat at the workplace. Played with it, watched it take a crap, made it unconscious with Halothane so that, you know, it dies in a humane way and then picked up its tiny little furry body with blue surgical gloves. Placed it neatly on the stealy bladeof the mini guillotine and brought down the blade with precision. Once. Oops, little skin there, twice. Picked up headless body, discarded in bright yellow plastic bag. Presented head to Sms Poetry Da so that he could remove and slice up its brain.
All in the name of Science, y'know. Was slightly shocked at how less the first time I killed an actual living mammalian creature disturbed me. Cockroaches don't count right, they're too tiny and have too much antennae to inspire affection or feeling. White adorable rat? Headless rat once you're done with it? Didn't really affect me, went home, told Ma and watched her face go white as she went "You could kill actual people! How could you?". I suspect I'm a tad inhumane. Heartless, like Kanye said. Dayum.
Perhaps in payback, the Spice used me as her guinea pig as she experimented with make-up on my face. Smoky eyes, a touch of lipstick.Foundation, mascara, lipliner, eyeliner, kohl, compact, blusher, killer boots. Didn't look like myself when she was done, but I liked it, hell yeah. Heartbreak when we went out to Vivekananda Park for a smoke and the make-up melted away.
Wife got a tattoo. So did Wife's boyfriend, the Boudi. I want one too, but I don't want it on a whim and I'm not sure having a tattoo inspires much faith in your professionalism when you're aiming to be a scientist. I WANT a tattoo or a third piercing, but I don't know what to get or where to get it.
Resolved to lose weight, eat healthy, give up on a Kulfi-Faluda a day. Exercise. Brother decided to help me do it right, and we spent an hour locked in our room with him insisting that sit-ups were Totally useless and implementing military training, footballer workouts on me till I screamed with agony and Baba came running in demanding to know why he was murdering me.
Last 3 days at work. I'm going to miss everyone, but SO looking forward to having some time off. Learning how to cook, spending time with the gramps, getting things in order. Ignoring Canada which is set to become a reality pretty soon. Don't. Want. To. Think. About. It.
Need to get rid of Peter Pan Syndrome and grow up at some point. Need to be nicer to people.
Succeeded sort of in stopping obsessing about weird pseudo carpe diem thing which just Does Not get any better. Sequels are such a bad idea. Soil even memories of perfection. Come August, come resolution, for now things are standing still.
Afterthought- Pseudo singlehood ain't half bad, preparation, goodonly.
Watched Inception. With Ma. Silver class, good GOD, those chairs. Extravagance. Still like Dark Knight better.
Played with Elsa. And Lucky. And Rover. And Chuti. If only I could be surrounded by doggies and babies I'd be happy. For a while, probably.
Idle fantasies, self destructiveness. What? Why? Cynical hopeless romantic. Eyuckhh. Still, still, STILL WRITER'S BLOCK!


Anushka said...

I need to play with Elsa.
And as for picture of you, it is the very essence of elegance.
Also, didn't you at least Like Inception?

Roshni said...

I'm HERE!As is my boy.AND our kulfi day.Ahaha,ami khub anondo pelam.

You Did Whaaat?! said...

I like your blog!!
Check mine out :)

Riddhi G.D said...

@anushka- thankoo :)and i don't know why i didn't. cuz it was Verrry hyped i guess, i didn't hate it, i just didn't love it. i thought Joseph Gordon Levitt was Verry smooth though ;)
@upi- Yesh, yesh <3
@YWD- Thankyou, will do :)