Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I've been doing:

1. Working. For pay. FOR PAY. In the government of Canada. Okay, so it's in the Agriculture and Food research sector, but the pay's not too shabby, the work is new and interesting and the boss is...well that brings me to
2. Having innapropriate thoughts about my supervisor. Attractive. Around 20 years older, complete with wife, shiny gold band on ring finger and 2 chubby babies who own pink fluffy princess outfits as evidenced by the pictures plastered in his office. GOD, I feel creepy.
3. Moving on from supervisor to younger but still non-single would be friend/firang . Let's just say all creatures from the basement are not icky.
4. Listening to massive amounts of David Gray. *Jumping Jesus, holy cow/ What's the difference anyhow/ Baby till your heart belongs to me/ Be mine, be mine*
5. Fighting and patching up with Piu and Trisha. For a while there I was contemplating the fb status change.
6. Reading. A lot. Indiscriminately. Here, I must beg you- if you're a woman- to pick up a copy of Backwards in High Heels and BUY it. Smart, touching, witty, funny- all in all, a wonderful wonderful book.
7. Taking care of  Benji/Toby the cat. His name is actually Toby and he came with my new house. When I moved in initially and the other 5 students hadn't turned up yet, Toby was there, mewing and purring and twining around my legs affectionately. Starved of affection, lonely, attention-whore massive fighter cat that he was, I had to call him Something! My mum just kept going, "Beral! Aaai beral!" but I came up with Ben, which evolved to to Benji and when I'm feeling stern, Benjamin.
8. Worrying about the future. Confusion, crazy demands. Maybe I'll be a bag-lady.
9. Having raging headaches and perpetually tired eyes.
10. Polishing off entire CANS of babaganoush at a time.
11. Fighting with Ma-
12.- because she drives me nuts and makes me do unreasonable things like grocery shopping and fruit eating and tandoori chicken making. Also she seems to be bristling at the new realization that my declarations of never entering wedlock are entirely real. As a consequence of which she is proposing things like taking shombondho to the parents of a past boyfriend (the only one she liked and the one i dumped for chotolok). HAH! Good luck with that, Mum.

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Tangled up in blue... said...

Stuff seems to be happening in your life man! :D I am acting like a lounging on-vacation lizard here! Oh, and dont think you're the only one with a crush on that kinda guy..I once fell for a forty-two year old hot-as-hell surgery prof with eight year old twin daughters that dressed up as sunflowers in the wallpaper on his laptop. But that salt-and-pepper hair looked oh-so-good on him. It even made me dig Tom Cruise in Collateral. :D