Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I went running today. The blood thudding in your ears, the breath that comes out heavily through your nose, the strands of hair that come loose from your tightly put together ponytail- bring with them a certain kind of magic. I left with the semi permanent crease in between my eyebrows, thinking about my massive to-do list, and the insecurities galore that inevitably creep up on me most days. I ran for around forty five minutes and wandered into completely unknown territory. I came across a certain Sugarbush Park, a bunch of goose-shit, a decomposing squirrel(?), and some very red leaves. When all your concentration is focused on just breathing, and ignoring that stitch in your side, and just getting to the next bus stop, and the next, and the next... it leaves very little scope for thinking. I blanked out blissfully for the most part. The stray annoyances from my day wandered into my head, but the sound of my footsteps chased them away.
I came home panting, red-faced, with aching legs, and happy.

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