Thursday, August 6, 2009


Forever's in a moment
When I look at you, asleep and unaware
When I catch you stealing a glance at me
When our eyes meet across a crowded room
When you take my hand in a crowd- unashamed and I feel proud,
Forever's there.

Forever's in the moment
When our eyes meet in a secret smile we share
In a walk in a sudden summer shower
In a stolen kiss
In your arms, where I feel safe,
Forever's there.

Forever's in your smile
Just that- your perfect smile.
In the way your eyes crinkle, and that smile comes, a little at a time.
Forever's in the way you laugh
Openly and unafraid- like you mean it.
And the way you look at me
Like you care, like i matter,
Forever's there.

Forever's in the moments we've spent together
All of them, taken together
Enough to build a lifetime with.
Forever's in the memories we've made.
Forever's in right now,
Right here.
When I'm thinking of you,
Forever's there.

And when we don't see each other anymore
If our lives don't entwine
We'll always have forever,
Forever's mine.


Shahana said...

This, RGD, is beautiful..

Death On Two Legs said...

HEY, this is VERY lyrical. You have a penchant for the lyric!

scholargipsy said...

Thanks ShY =)
Mishtu- Yea, lyrical things do appeal, as you very well know :)