Friday, November 20, 2009


I just discovered six months too late that I had topped Biology in my 12th CBSE Boards in M.B.G. As cool as it is to google urself and find results popping up, confirming your existence on the internet, it is also a little disconcerting to find these random surprises thrown at you.
I never knew. So, right now I'm not sure what to feel- the time to make a hullabaloo about boards is long gone. Well, anyway, very belatedly- Ha! MBG- here's to the principal who referred to me as "girl with long nails", here's to the miserable periods in class I spent trying to figure out how to fit in with a crowd that spoke Hindi for 99.99% of the time, here's to the struggle and to all the times I felt stupid. Here's to Soumya- my angel that year, here's to the wooden desks and chairs that looked like they belonged in a an antiquarium or toystore and hurt my butt. Here's to the snotty principle who refused to give me a transcript containing predicted scores and cuz she didn't know what it was, here's to the last year of school life spent being the new girl. Here's to sticky tangy icy orange stick ice creams on sweaty blistering summer drenched days, here's to squashy puddles and splashy mud, here's to the ancient photocopy machine at the sweetshop, here's to the annoying 50 children in the van meant to seat 25. Here's to the Biology teacher Ms. Srivastav who made me feel a little less like an alien from outer space and actually found me endearing. Here's to finally sort of fitting and and struggling always against the other two Riddhi's to prove my worth.
Yes, this is incredibly late, and yes, I am now sitting in Canada, freezing my butt off with low blood pressure and a thousand deadlines looming up, a room change coming up cuz I'm 'girl who couldn't adjust with her roomie", but you know waht I'll say it anyway. Cuz it makes me feel like ultimately, I AM in control. And things will work out. 
So I'll say it MBG, loud and clear. Can you hear me?

"girl who came in with long fingernails . a.k.a girl who got called to the principal's office within a week of joining a.k.a biology topper.


Sugar Magnolia said...

Hi-5! Never let people tell you it's too late to celebrate. :) I topped CBSE Arts my year and didn't tell no one cause it was too unimportant, and now it's too late.

HahahHAHahahah, indeed.

Riddhi G.D said...

Thankyou Debolina di :)You know how I feel then :)
And WOW, arts topper? thats worth celebrating even now. i cannot believe you thought it was unimportant, i would have been doing cartwheels and indiscreetly posting "Whee" on facebook :P

Anisha K. said...

hey bhombu!
CONGO!!!!!!!! its never to late to celebrate....and here's to more or less finding urself!!!Cheers!!

Riddhi G.D said...

Anisha- Thankyou re. And finding myself? that's true i know, but i have changed a lot since you last saw how did you figure that one out?

Deeptesh said...

Ah!really interesting!Must have been tough for u...but still school life has it's own flavour so distinctly different from the phase we r going through now.

I've a new post on my chk when u have time.

Riddhi G.D said...

@deeptesh- thanks, and yeah, you're so right. will check out your post. and i'm confused, help me out here. do you, or do you nto follow me?

Srikant said...

genius as always...!! i agree with all...never late to celebrate...but those were pretty unique days u had in ur new school...makin a person sittin in UK experience the life u had in tht pretty amzin..!!

P.S : continue to like ur!! :P