Thursday, November 26, 2009

Perfecting the fine art of Pro-crass-tea-nation

Ways in which I idle away hours, minutes at a time. Ways you probably do too. Any other suggestions welcome :)

1. FACEBOOK. Caps is the equivalent of internet shouting and this point can't be emphasised enough. From alluring applications back when we were all in the tenth, and your name showing up in someone's "Top Friends" was a sign of how popular you were; to now when we seem to have fallen back into our second childhood or our first "gaiyyahood" (however you see it) and fill out things like "Who will you get married to" immediately followed up by 41 comments and several hours more spent on Facebook. IT has taken over our lives- if someones was plotting a secret conspiracy to make kids dumber and less productive or something, they couldn't have found a more effective way.

2. YOUTUBE. Again cannot be emphasised enough. Since University, when the maximum amount of my work, assignments and quizzes happen to be on the computer, somehow inexplicably i find this force taking over my fingers and sliding over to the tab marked youtube on my laptop! Amazing, but there it is. IT just bypasses the university webpage and double clicks on Youtube. And then there goes an hour or so watching Adam Lambert's latest, rediscovering Tubthumping by Chumbawumba and getting teary eyed- yes teary eyed, over Freaky Friday.

3. Sleeping. Now these days I don't actually do this a lot but when I do, I drop off in the late afternoon lying to myself that it will only be for an hour, put multiple alarms and calmly and a trifle irritatedly switch them off when they Do ring. Poor things, they try their best to rouse me through their snooze feature. But nothing really deters me from this uneccessary quota of sleep which then messes up my sleep cycle. And i wake groggily sometime around 7, feeling highly unproductive and still drowsy.

4. Making lists. Lists of shopping, to-do lists, lists of exams, lists of things i like, favourite people (and yes i actually Have done that), lists of good songs. Just lists. They're fun to do and give you all the satisfaction of having been organized and productive without actually having been either.

5. Downloading songs. Once I get started, I can't seem to resist checking out other interesting songs, artists, lyrics and while I Have discovered a whole lot of interesting music in these past few months, it hasn't exactly helped my grade point average.

6. Talking on the phone. To my mum, for a good quarter of an hour, to my wife for even longer. To left behind friends. To lots of people. And essentially spending hours and minutes (in phone currency) when I should Really be typing out that dratted Lab report.

7. Staring at the new wrinkles on your face in the mirror. Examining that line on your forehead- surely it was't there a month ago! Admiring the length of your hair, observing in horror the split ends- is hair even supposed to split into three?? Is that even Allowed?!

8. Reading. Reading Plath and Hughes instead of Brock and Madigan. Reading The Inscrutable Americans or The Little Prince for the 500th time instead of Cellular and Molecular Biology or Early Transcendentals.

9. Daydreaming. Daydreaming about Xs- real and fictional. Daydreaming about better times, built up times. Daydreaming about May. Living stories in my head. Flashforwarding to when I'm twenty five and living in New York City *I wish*.

10. Foodie dreams. Wondering what surprises the caf is going to throw up for dinner. Wondering if there's going to be lime roasted chicken. Salivating over memories of kosha mangsho and luchi, phoolkophi bhaaja, beguni, telebhaaja, dal makhani, paalak paneer, kakra, paneer chop *See , I'm doing it again*

11. Blogging. Read above. 'Nuff said. I've spent the last quarter of an hour writing this entry, interrupted by chatting with a guy I didn't really know all that well from school on Facebook, a phone call from my mum and one from my dad.


Aparajita Bhattacharya said...

Hi. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I read a few of your posts, and I'm kind of confused. Phone calls from a wife? Transcripts? The cold country (US)?
Your profile says you are the person I know (not very well, admittedly) but your posts read like you are blogging as someone else. An alter-ego, maybe?
Nice, smooth writing, by the way.

Riddhi G.D said...

You're welcome Aparajita, but na, Im most definitely not blogging as anyone else.That would be way too much work and I have way too many personality/identity issues to deal with an alter-ego as well. Let me try and clarify.
Wife= Trisha
Transcripts= grade cards which I had to send and am going to receive after my sems from The Cold country= Canada, where I am right now.
Make sense? People who somewhat know me, get my blog. Does it sound like me now?

Somewhere Circus said...

Hee! Nice bit of explanashan to Aparajita, Reeddhee!
I like too.
Point number 8..."I feel Randy."
I live on bad jokes.

Riddhi G.D said...

@Toadcaller- Thankoo :) And hehe as for the randiness perhaps u shud put that thro to deepaankaar! :P
P.S- does it sound like an alter ego to u?

deepteshpoetry said...

ah!Great post Riddhi n evn btr artwrk that....ur xplanation 2 Aparajita.I'm envious of u...janis why?U r njoying ur time in cold Canada while we are crossing our fingers here in anticipation of winter.

Na re...grt way 2 chill out.No need 2 tl u again hw much I like ur writings.But here r a few more suggestions....poetry,movies or my be ghost stories around a warm fire?Nothing like it

R dnt 4get poor old AHM!It weeps for entries....esp wth our sem coming up,d ink is beginning 2 run dry.A SOS 4m AHM>>>

Riddhi G.D said...

@deeptesh- thankoo :D and are u freaking kidding me? im NOT enjoying my time! i just got done with my second round of midterms this monday and have my lab finals strting this somcing monday and final exams till 21st when i finally get winter hols. winter hasnt strted yet and when it does, the temperature drops to minus 40; is that ur idea of fun deeptesh? after joo, this much of hard work is incredibly disconcerting, i miss the idleness. these people are slave drivers i tell u. And i shall try writing a ghost story soon, poetry ache, arektu niche dekho. AHM in the winter :)

Deeptesh said...

R a na na...I was just talking about the temp....not the academic stuff.But -40 is certainly atrocious!I guess we r much btr of then.Poetry dekchi...n will c ur other posts soon...but rt nw 2 hv gt Tennyson 2 sudy.(sigh)

Srikant said...

youtube...and facebook have taken over my life as sleep at 7:30 am...wake up at 2 pm...miss all my lectures...try new food everyday for lunch..or shud i say happens at!! the depressing weather of UK..and bubble im living in (the isolated campus) makes it quite simple to!! jus seein all tht written i cudnt stop myself from sharing my time wastin skills..!! lol..!! :P but thts wat uniz all about..!! its jus a looooong holiday!! lol