Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday mornings make it Soooo hard to get out of bed

1) Nouvelle Vague- Dance with me, This is not a love song
2) Norwegian Wood- Haruki Murakami. Maybe someday I will name my daughter Midori, only I know someone who has named her cat that, so.
3)Raske bhare tore nain- Ustad Barkat Ali Khan
4)Broken- Lifehouse. (Canada beginning hystericalmelodramaticsong)
4) Sing again?
5)Cook honey garlic/chilli chicken and/or egg do piazza, mustard mayo dip
6) Keep up with India Srilanka finals score. Was watching match since I woke up to the sound of India's innings, but then Sehwag got out, and people kept getting out so I followed the old superstition and stopped watching. Last I checked no more people had gotten out, so I guess it's working?
-Just checked again. Whatthefuckiswrongwithlivecricketstreaming?! Aaaaargh
7) Poetry- Auden. Must.


Anonymous said...

broken-lifehouse on my playlist now..y do i identify wt u 2 d extent of discomfort??

R said...

I have no idea. Who ARE you?