Friday, January 11, 2013

You've got the love

1. Invincible Summer. Vines. Morning slow dawning eureka moment.
2. Productive bus ride reading paper.
3. Discover old messages. Find unexpected peace.
4. Intelligent discussion with intimidatingly smart people. Fail to reject competence.
5. Visit MIT with colleague. Bond over rants and dreams.
6. Eat Turkish chocolate.
7. Decide to leave work early. TGIF!
8 Say goodbye, promise to let people know about party over the weekend.
9. Carry hand drawn map by coworker and find indie cafe on street corner.
10. Settle down with cappuccino and research paper and alternately read and eavesdrop on conversations. Initiation ritual to life in Boston.
11. Get up to leave. "You have a radiance about you. You're going to do great things".
12. Have long conversation with strange well dressed old man. Talk about life, Reiki, Harvard, and listen to all his advice about your life with pinch of salt, and some amusement.
13. Long train and bus ride home, listening to music and feeling at peace.
14. Find out that there's been an accident.
15. Heat up chilli chicken, bhindi, and tortillas.
16. Call up friend and manhandle oven while laughing over life, love, and randomfluff.
17. Settle down. Receive goodnews about housing and the kindness of strangers.
18. Be profoundly grateful for the xx. Notice what a great bum Florence W. has.
19. Plan springbreak with friend.

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